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Available Items

Liturgical and other items available form decommissioned Nebraska church

The congregation of St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in North Platte, Nebraska has prayerfully decommissioned and recently sold its building. The remaining 5 families have been guided through prayer and many meetings to realize the 60+ year congregation has shared God’s word for the last time locally.

To support our brothers and sisters in common faith we would like to offer the following items to those who might benefit from them:

  • Paraments – Full sets of green, purple and white (Alter paraments measure 85in x 32in. Lectern and pulpit paraments measure 18in x 33in.)
  • Handmade red felt paraments, similar to sizes listed above
  • Baptismal font(With the wooden base baptismal font, we also have a matching lectern – both with a light golden finish.)

We’d like to offer these items free to anyone who can put them to good purpose in sharing God’s word at no cost other than to pick them up or have them shipped.

Interested parties, please contact [email protected]. Photos available upon request.

Thank you!

Set of paraments available - from St. Paul's, Sodus, Mich.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, in Sodus, Michigan has a set of Lectern, pulpit, and alter paraments available. 

Colors: Purple, green, white, and red. (No black or blue)

Cost: Cost of shipping

Interested parties please contact Margie Dowling, 269-861-6222, [email protected].

Full communion ware set available in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

Good Shepherd, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. has a communion ware set to donate.

For more information, please contact Bobbette at [email protected].

Alter items available - Redford, Michigan

Lola Park congregation in Redford Michigan has closed and has various altar items to donate to another WELS or ELS church – no charge we just ask that you pick up or pay shipping. Items include- offering plates, 2 brass single candle sticks, 2 brass 5 candle candelabra, brass book stand, altar cross, brass flower vases and a brass flower arrangement holder. Pictures can be provided.

Please contact Mary Mitchell at 313-310-6679.

Set of oil Advent candles - 3 purple, 1 pink

We recently updated our Advent Candles, so we have a set of three purple and one pink oil candles available to a congregation that might need them. I can supply size information if needed. They are in very good condition, we simply decided to go with blue instead of purple.

St. John’s Lutheran in Sleepy Eye, MN. Contact Paula Windschitl, [email protected].

Two large boxes of The Lutheran Hymnal - Platteville, WI.

Two large boxes of The Lutheran Hymnal in good condition. Free for the cost of shipping or pickup at WELS church in Platteville, Wis.

Contact Joel Zink, [email protected].

Needed Items

Names Wanted

Job Opportunities

WELS Job Opportunities

View job openings at the WELS Center for Mission and Ministry in Waukesha, Wis.

Case Manager position available - New Beginnings, Milwaukee, Wis.

NEW BEGINNINGS IS HIRING! Join our team as Case Manager. The position of Case Manager is a part-time, hired position assigned to assist the Home Manager in operating the ministry of New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers. This is an immediate opening. For questions, interest, or more information, contact Chelsea Adair, Home Manager, by phone or by email: https://bit.ly/3mxyPjW


Position: Case Manager for New Beginnings-A Home for Mothers located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (a not-for-profit organization sponsored by Christian Life Resources).

Description: The position of Case Manager is a hired position assigned to assist the Home Manager in operating the ministry of New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers.

Job Requirements:

Spirituality: The Case Manager must possess a deep level of spirituality, a love for God, His Word and His people. The Case Manager of New Beginnings must accept the doctrine and be in good standing with a congregation in fellowship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

Gospel Ministry: While the ministry of New Beginnings provides valuable and necessary training in many secular concerns, all operations are to emanate from and point to the Word of God. The Case Manager is expected to model the principles of Scripture in her actions and words. The Case Manager is to correctly administer God’s Law and Gospel for the present and future betterment of all the residents. The ultimate goal of all operations is to help each resident walk closer with and in obedience to the precepts of God and to cherish the salvation they have through Jesus Christ.

Gender: The governing boards of Christian Life Resources and New Beginnings have recognized the importance of a woman filling the position of Case Manager. The individual may be either single or married.

Communication Skills: Communication is the foundation of the Case Manager position. She needs to be able to listen actively, ask open-ended questions, provide feedback, and use appropriate verbal and non-verbal cues. The Case Manager needs to have the ability to write concise and accurate reports, documentation, and referrals, as well as using technology and tools to facilitate information sharing and collaboration.

Critical Thinking Skills: The Case Manager needs to demonstrate the ability to analyze, evaluate, and apply information and be able to make informed decisions and solve problems.

Interpersonal Skills: The Case Manager is expected to serve with a level of discipline reflecting an allegiance to the mission and vision statements of Christian Life Resources as reflected in the ministry of New Beginnings. She must work well with, and under the direction of, the Home Manager of New Beginnings, as well as other New Beginnings and Christian Life Resources staff members to both receive and serve as an encouragement for each other. She should seek to reinforce and support the policies of New Beginnings to the residents as established by the staff and New Beginnings’ Board of Directors. Interpersonal skills include managing conflict, negotiating, and mediating, as well as demonstrating professionalism, integrity, and accountability.

Organizational Skills: Organizational skills help you to be efficient in planning, prioritizing and managing your time, tasks and resources. A Case Manager needs to be able to coordinate multiple aspects of care for our residents.

Ability to Work Well with Teens and Single Mothers of Lower Income: An inability and/or dislike for working with teens and single mothers would make it impossible for anyone to serve in this capacity. “Working well” does not mean one must have all the answers but that one enjoys the opportunities and can face the particular challenges of working with single mothers of lower income. Staff should be open and willing to brainstorm ideas to improve daily life for residents at New Beginnings. Based on the needs of the residents at New Beginnings, policies may adapt overtime and should be enforced and supported by all staff at New Beginnings.

Scheduled Work Hours: The Case Manager is responsible for setting her work hours every month to coordinate best with each resident. The Case Manager is to share it with the Home Manager for approval. The Case Manager must work a total of 20 hours per week, all hours are to be fulfilled at the office. The Case Manager should coordinate a schedule that ensures she is in the office when residents are not in school/work and appropriate overlap for effective communication and transition should also be factored into the schedule.

Program Responsibilities:


Assist the staff in conducting phone screenings, informational meetings, and Application Interviews, providing insight into the selection of new residents.
Assist in conducting regularly scheduled events such as daily devotions, weekly bible studies, weekly group sessions, etc.
Assure that the facility remains a safe and calm environment while on duty.
Provide discipline and guidance when needed.
Assist in networking with other local resources and non-profit agencies.
Provide transportation to group night activities and exceptional (emergency) situations using the Case Manager’s personal vehicle.
Answer the phone and door; lock/unlock the common areas; allow residents to check in/out; oversee weekly chores, etc.
Conduct regular drug/alcohol/pregnancy tests.

Case Management: Conduct goal meetings with each resident at New Beginnings, as well as set monthly goals. The Case Manager will be responsible for goal setting, ensuring goal completion, and facilitating resident success. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Case Manager to be well versed in the resources available that will facilitate personal growth, educational growth, and overall progress. The Case Manager will also be responsible for organizing group nights and conducting informational meetings and interviews for new residential candidates. It will also be the responsibility of the Case Manager to network with other organizations to foster relationships with New Beginnings.

Resident Assistance: Work cooperatively with the Home Manager to accomplish the following duties: meet regularly (frequency to be suitable to each resident and agreed to by the Home Manager) with residents to check their progress towards established goals; assist residents in achieving career goals and research the education necessary for her career; discuss and arrange for adoption counseling when appropriate; perform informal counseling and refer appropriate residents to the professional counseling services provided through Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Services; assist residents in applying for public assistance (Wisconsin Works (W-2)/Food tamps/WIC/BadgerCare); and tutor residents.

Spiritual Development: Assist as needed with conducting daily devotions and Individual Bible Studies. Work with the Home Manager to identify areas of concern that require spiritual training for the residents and develop strategies to address those needs.

Screening Residents: Assist the Application Committee and Home Manager by being responsible for conducting or assisting with screening informational meetings and interviews and provide other assistance as needed to evaluate potential residents.

Other: Work cooperatively with the Home Manager to handle additional duties as needed for running an efficient and effective ministry. The Home Manager and staff should divide some of the duties in a manner that matches the unique skills and interests of each staff member.

Special Note: As a rule, the staff should NOT provide childcare services. Residents are encouraged to find their own childcare services and to use public transportation. Staff vehicles are to be used to provide transportation to group night activities and exceptional (emergency) situations. Under no circumstances are residents permitted to operate staff personal vehicles.

Administrative Responsibilities: Assist the Home Manager with administrative duties as necessary and beneficial for the ministry. These tasks include but are not limited to organizing and keeping inventory of donations, writing thank you cards, and maintaining an organized office.

Operational Responsibilities: New Beginnings needs good oversight of the operations, so the facility and grounds are maintained in a safe and attractive manner. Many of these duties (such as cleaning, yard work, apartment inspections and simple maintenance projects) can be handled by the staff. The Case Manager should help with these duties as reasonably possible.

Reporting Responsibilities: The Case Manager reports directly to the Home Manager. She is also responsible to the New Beginnings’ Board of Directors and ultimately to the National Director of Christian Life Resources.

Compensation/Benefits: The starting wage for this position is $18.00 per hour, and the hours per week will be 20 hours. In most cases the Case Manager will work a total of 20 hours per week but may be asked to work additional hours if necessary for scheduling purposes. The hours and days worked at New Beginnings can be flexible from week to week.

Please contact Chelsea Adair at (414) 376-0595 or [email protected] for additional information on the position and/or an application.

Established in 1993, New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers is a WELS-based home for single mothers and their children located in Milwaukee. New Beginnings is the daughter agency of Christian Life Resources, and prior to moving to Milwaukee, New Beginnings operated in Colorado.

Visit our website for more information about this position: https://bit.ly/44FtY1j

St. Paul's New Ulm, Minn. - Now hiring Operations Manager

Operations Manager – St. Paul’s, New Ulm, Minn.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in New Ulm, MN is looking to hire a qualified, spiritually-mature WELS/ELS member to serve as the Operations Manager of our church and school.

Responsibilities include: financial management, budgeting, account reporting, office operations, facilities and grounds oversight, human resources management, technology coordination, and advisory capacities. Full details of the position, including application instructions, are available online at splnewulm.org/opsmanager.

If you have any questions, please contact either Church President Jeff Boyce at 507-276-6014 or Pastor Scott Oelhafen at 262-442-8568.

This position is full-time with WELS-aligned compensation and benefits.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers needed for Central Africa Medical Mission committee

The Central Africa Medical Mission is seeking volunteers to fill two positions on its stateside committee. Interested individuals should have a background in one of the following areas: marketing, graphic design, web design or web maintenance. They should bring a passion for helping others and a love for Jesus. Any interested individuals, should contact Angela at [email protected]. 


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